veebruar 2018

02veeb10:0017:15Talanoa Dialogue WorkshopParis, France, • English


The Talanoa Dialogue, previously referred to as the Facilitative Dialogue, is aimed at determining how collective action can move the global climate agenda forward. It will focus on three questions: (1) Where are we? (2) Where do we want to go? (3) How do we get there? The yearlong process of discussions, consultations, events and expert inputs will take place from January 2018 and culminate at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

ICC, in its capacity as the UNFCCC Focal Point for business and industry, is facilitating a meeting on 2 February 2018 to give business leaders and climate leaders an opportunity to discuss both what business can expect from the Talanoa Dialogue and what business can input into the Talanoa Dialogue.

Based on the outcome of this meeting and various other consultations planned with business leaders, ICC will prepare a submission providing concrete proposals from business on the Talanoa Dialogue.


(Reede) 10:00 - 17:15

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